"Don’t worry, I don’t need somepony who tries to threaten me with a lack of a follow to act like they want me to. In case you haven’t noticed, I’m not exactly the type to listen to anypony. Especially ones as entitled as you seem to be. If you seriously believe I’d be mean to everypony, even after seeing that I do have friends and ponies I care about and how I care for all of my followers, the exit from my blog is that way."

— Cadence

((Disclaimer: Cadence is a lot of things. A smoker, a drinker, a shameless flirt, an INSANE party pony, a vindictive, petty pony when someone crosses her, a pony who doesn’t listen to authority. She is not, nor will she ever be, cruel for the sake of being cruel. Though it may seem like that sometimes, she at least has conviction in what she does, even when it is a little mean it isn’t without reason. She is, at her core, loving and if you don’t cross her and don’t make her mad, she has no reason to hate you. She’s a big ol’ softy underneath the ash, smoke and brick walls hiding her heart. Also sorry if this hurts your feelings, this is Cadence talking not me.))

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